Simply VR design.

Ottifox is a powerful design and prototyping solution that makes it easy to create interactive VR scenes that run in the browser.


3D models from Google Poly one click away.

Ottifox 2 introduces native integration to Google Poly, a library containing thousands of 3D objects for use in mixed reality.

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Powerful design tools.

Speed up and enhance your workflow with new grouping capabilities and a new streamlined user interface.

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Sound controls.

Ottifox 2 helps your scenes come to life with the new sound feature and new actions to play and pause the sounds at certain events.

Preview over wifi.

Share and test your VR scenes over wifi, using Ottifox's built in preview server. Play your scene on your phone along with Google Cardboard VR, Daydream VR, or with any other WebVR capable browser.

Export for the web.

Export your scene to HTML, CSS and A-Frame, the open source library for WebVR. Ottifox exports semantic tags, along with human readable IDs, so that you could take the code further.

Try Ottifox for free

Download the 21 day trial. Available for macOS Sierra 10.12 or higher.