About Ottifox

VR meets art, engineering, and design.

Founded in 2017
By Noam Almosnino

Hi, I'm Noam Almosnino, designer and developer of Ottifox—an indie software product that helps you design and prototype WebVR.

Ottifox started with a simple question, how can I make VR design easier to get into? The product has evolved from there.

You can think of Ottifox as Sketch for WebVR, but also as an aid for experimenting and learning on top of A-Frame, the open source library for WebVR.

The first big concept for Ottifox is the macOS app. But I’m investigating other platforms like windows and potentially online variations. No set date on those at this time, but sign up for updates if you want get notified.

If you have any questions, send a message to mail@ottifox.com.

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