Along with basic shapes, you can also add media, such as images and 3D models to your scene. To add media, click the Media button in the Toolbar and select the desired item to add. A file browser will appear to allow you to choose the image or model you want to add to your scene.

Ottifox 1.0 Geometry

Curved Image

A curved image is regular image but it’s slightly bent to please the user’s eye when in VR.


An image is a 4x3 plane shape, with its Src property set to an image file that you choose.

Collada Model

Collada is a 3D file format that’s quite common. Typically you’ll want to add files that are considered low-poly so that the file size is smaller.

Obj Models

Obj models are another common 3D file format. Typically it comes as two files; .obj for the geometry of the model, and .mtl for the material (surface/appearance) of the model.

Google Blocks

The best source for Obj files for VR and WebVR is the Google Blocks Gallery—where you can download models that were created in VR for VR.

To add a file from Google Blocks, first download it. Then unzip the file, where you’ll see the model.obj and model.mtl files.

In Ottifox, click the Obj Model tile in the media pop over.

Ottifox 1.0 Geometry

Select the obj file and click open. Once the obj file is imported (and you see it in the scene), go to the inspector and click the Obj-Model label. Then click the “choose” button for the mtl file (shown below) to add the model’s .mtl file.

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