You can edit the Scene Controls in the Controls tab.

Walk Controls

Walk controls are for desktop browsers. A user of your VR scene can walk around using the W,A,S, and D keys on the keyboard, and move the camera by clicking and dragging the mouse.

That should sound familiar as it’s the way you also walk around while building the scene in Ottifox. Note, that Walk Controls don’t include the Q and Z key functionality that’s available while editing the scene. However you can enable the fly functionality, explained below.


Fly enables the user to move up or down based on the angle of the camera. For example when they press the W key to move forward, and the mouse tilts the camera up, the user will begin to “fly” up.


Easing is like friction. It determines how fast the camera will decelerate when you stop pressing the W, A, S or D keys, it can also the determine the speed of the keys when pressed. Imagine the difference between running outside and running in a pool, in the pool there is more friction, so you’ll be slower. Setting the easing to have more friction can help you control the user’s perception of the size of the scene.


Acceleration is how fast the camera accelerates when you hold down the W, A, S, or D keys.

After play testing we’ve found that the value of 10 for Easing and 85 for Acceleration felt pretty good. But feel free to experiment with other values depending on your scene content.

Fuse Cursor

The fuse cursor is intended for gaze based interaction. Typically Google Cardboard comes to mind here. Because of the limited controls in cardboard to click an object, a fuse cursor is presented instead.

When enabled, a small ring (the fuse cursor) will appear in front of the user’s eyes. The user can point their head towards an object that has a click action, and the cursor will fuse for 1500ms (1.5 seconds). When the fuse is done the click action will start.

Trigger Color

This is the default state (when it’s not fusing) color of the cursor.

Fuse Color

This is the color of the progress indicator while the cursor is fusing.

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