Ottifox comes with three types of light. “Point” which behaves like a light bulb, “ambient” to soften the dark gray color in a scene, and “directional” which behaves as a distant light source like the sun.

The default scene in Ottifox has a point light already added, but you can add more depending on the mood you are trying to create. Note that the more lights, the more the performance impact on your scene. Lights are expensive performance wise.

Point Light

Point light comes with four properties. When the light is selected you can edit them in the inspector on the right.


Click the color box to change the light’s color.


Intensity refers to how strong the light is.


When distance it set at 0 (the default), the light affects the whole scene. If you set the distance value larger than 0, it will only affect the set area in meters. For example if you set distance to 7, it would only light 7 meters.

Cast Shadow

To enable the light the cast a shadow, set this checkbox. Note that shadows can slow down performance.

Ambient Light

Use ambient light to soften the dark grays and black colors in your scene, as well as to set the overall hue of the colors. Typically you only need one ambient light per scene. We recommend and intensity value of around .5 to .75 for ambient lights.

Directional Light

The directional light acts as a distant light source, such as the sun. Typically you will only have one directional light per scene.

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